I believe my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS was hacked. There were about 1000 unsuccessful log-in attempts to my mailbox shown in my email security settings over about 4 weeks. I then found 2 consecutive msgs in my spam: from myself to myself, with the title "You've been hacked". I deleted them without reading them. Firefox started behaving abnormally (I can't remember exactly, but it didn't look right). I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox. Firefox somehow looked "fake". I tried to reinstall the LTS, unsuccessfully (I think it was out of date), it didn't do anything: it was just the live session and no actual installation. I went and bought the latest version (18.10) from Ubuntu Family Pack (Linux Identity Pack), which is a magazine with the disk, which my French newsagent stocks. I thought I had installed it, but nothing worked right. They were not real installations. Then the problems trying to get the disk in started. When I managed to get the disk in, I get error msgs, like "Oops, seems like the installer encountered a problem", etc. The disk sounds like it's going round and round - there's a kind of bumping noise. During the installations I was still connected to internet. Please can you help? Since I wrote this the problem seems to have been resolved! It looks like it was a hardware problem with the keyboard. Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to read my post. Best wishes.

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    Bought from where? What strange screens? You need to provide more context for help, but it doesn't sound like you were "hacked." Rather, from your description so far, it seems like your hard disk has gone bad and needs to be replaced. – dobey Jan 12 at 20:33
  • I bought a Linux Identity Pack N° 44 magazine from my newsagent in France. The "strange" screen was during the installation and it was a long, white rectangle with a big, black cross giving the option of hit the cross or validate, appearing. I may have pressed validate at some stage. – Des Jan 12 at 20:43
  • A reboot loop is a behaviour, not a noise. @dobey is asking about the "strange screens" that were appearing before you tried to reinstall. Please edit to clarify the question. – wjandrea Jan 12 at 20:46

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