I am having a big problem with lost internet connections with my DSL.

I would like to create a log to be able to show the technician when he comes next week.

I have this.

while true; do
date >> Internet_Connection_Log.txt
echo >> Internet_Connection_Log.txt
ping -c 1 >> Internet_Connection_Log.txt
echo >> Internet_Connection_Log.txt
sleep 180

I would like for it to only log pings that generate 100% packet loss. Thanks.

  • Perhaps: ping -c1 | grep 100 >> Internet_Connection_Log.txt – chili555 Jan 12 at 21:56
  • journalctl $(type -p NetworkManager) will show the logs the system already has. – waltinator Jan 13 at 3:34
# Ubuntu_Mate 18.04 LTS
# Internet log of connection failures

while : ; do
     if ! ping  -c 1 ; then
          printf "\n%s\n" "ping failed at $(date)" >> /home/andy/bin/Internet_Connection_FAILURES_Log.txt
          cvlc --play-and-exit /usr/share/sounds/My_Sounds/Alarm-sound-buzzer.mp3
     sleep 60

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