I do not understand how to download and install the plug-in resynthesize in Gimp 10. Please help.


  • Are you using the standard version (apt repository), or a "flatpak"/"snap"/"AppImage" version? – xenoid Jan 12 at 23:24

Welcome to Ask Ubuntu! Your question relates to specific software rather than Ubuntu, so you might find you will get better assistance if you post to Super User

Regardless I have found this post which states you only need to run:

sudo apt install gimp-plugin-registry

This will install many useful Gimp plugins automatically, including resynthesize.

Here's a simple guide:

Press CTRL + ALT + T to open a terminal. It will look something like this Blank terminal.

Enter the command sudo apt install gimp-plugin-registry (it is case sensitive so make sure that's right).

terminal with command.

Press enter and it will ask for your password, enter that and press enter. While you are typing the password the terminal will not change.

Terminal requesting password.

The plugins will then install, once it's finished you can close the terminal.

Terminal finished installing.

If you re-open Gimp you can see the plug-in installed in the plug-in browser.

Gimp plug-ins

  • Scusme but for install Resinthesize in Gimp I must have Ubuntu? – Giuseppe Logo Jan 15 at 13:43
  • @GiuseppeLogo No, the plugin works on other operating systems, however this is the AskUbuntu stack exchange, so I assumed you were using Ubuntu. If you're using another operating system then you should ask on SuperUser for better advice :) – Hugo Jan 15 at 18:45

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