My touchpad is not working in Ubuntu 18.04. I am using dual boot system and touchpad is working fine in windows. I have read several answers on how to fix this issue, but unfortunately none of them works. I have updated my kernel too.

When I change touchpad in BIOS settings to "basic" from "advanced", then touchpad in Windows is affected.

If you need any more information about my system please put them in comments.

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Looking for an answer drawing from credible and/or official sources.

I just want my touchpad to work in ubuntu without comromising anything in windows.

  • This is mostly due than "advanced" mode is using i2c chip while "basic" use PS2 compatibility mode. Probably nothing to see with your Touchpad, probably the i2c chip in this Acer is not supported by Linux kernel. – olivierb2 5 hours ago
  • Are you sure we can't do anything ? Because turning to basic from advanced has its side effects while using windows – l''''''''l 5 hours ago
  • What kind of side effect you encounter in Windows? – olivierb2 3 hours ago

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