I'd like to inscrease the size of partition 2 (21 Go) to 100 Go. To free space I'll decrease the size of partion 4 (965 Go) to 886 Go.

If I do this with this tool , is there a risk ?

enter image description here

enter image description here

  • There is always some risk, so you always have good backups. But it is not as simple as shinking one partition and expanding another. You would have to shrink your /home & move it right. The mode sda3, your ESP right and the you can expand sda2. But why increase sda2. I normally use 25GB for / (root) and current use 8GB of that. But I have all data in other partitions. Your / (root) should not need that much space. – oldfred Jan 12 at 0:40
  • I'm not so good in linux but I'm working on creating some websites and they are stored in /var/www/html/ , and day after day this partition become so busy. Have you an idea ? That's why I'd like to increase the size of this partition – hous Jan 12 at 0:45

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