I am currently running ubuntu 18.04 box and I have configured pptpd to run a PPTP VPN server.

I have followed this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer

I’ve tried configuring the server using: ROUTING CHECKLIST – PROXYARP And ROUTING CHECKLIST – FORWARDING Which was described in the notes here: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man5/pptpd.conf.5.html

In both configurations, I can ping other machines on the network using IP but not hostname when connected to the ubuntu PPTP server.

If I am on a local machine, I can ping clients using both hostnames and IPs. It just on the client machine (window 10) when connected to ubuntu PPTP server I can’t ping using hostname. My remote network is on and the VPN client is on

After hours of googling, I have hit a dead-end of knowledge!

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