I've created a .desktop file like this

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=love-unstable /opt/Mari0/mari0_1.0.love

And what i want is to get it in the unity launcher under the games category

I first asked how to create a shortcut file and how to get it into the launcher, but now i've created a .desktop file myself. and i'm looking for how to get it into the launcher


Did you try to write bash file for example just create a file and write this in


cd dir_name; #the dir name to go

love-unstable mari0_1.0.love; #run the soft

then write in terminal chmod +x name_what_you_place then you can just create a shortcut of that file.


Why not just associate .love files with the program love-unstable? Then you could double click on the mari0_1.0.love file and it would run the program.

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