I installed Ubuntu 18.10 yesterday, but I find myself missing some useful multitouch touchpad gestures.

In particular, I'd like to have a three finger drag gesture to move windows around.
On Ubuntu, you have to perform such a task with two hands, one to select the window and the other to drag around.

How could I implement this 3 finger gesture?

  • This might help. I have not tried it by myself though. – Boyoung Zheng Apr 13 '19 at 14:41

You can install a gnome extension that enables the feature you're looking for.

The download link to the extension is here.

You can also find instructions for installing gnome extensions in this article.

note: it requires wayland (and it only allows you to move windows with 3 finger drag; nothing else)

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  • Thanks for contributing to askubuntu! Consider editing your answer and explain a little bit what extensions are, where the link leads and how to download the relevant zip files (what parameters should be entered in shell version & extension version) and how to install it. This would really help unexperienced users to understand your solution. – Pizza Sep 26 at 18:25

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