I've installed Tor Browser and I can run it buy the command:


This command works as long as the Tor icon(the globe icon) is in : /home/user/tor-browser_de/ and I am also there in ~/tor-browser_de.

When I want to set the shortcut Super+T, I use the command ./start-tor-browser.desktop, but it does not work. I copied the Tor icon to /home/user, but the problem still persists. How can I fix this problem?

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    Provide the full path to the file, i.e. /home/user/tor-browser_de/start-tor-browser.desktop. I'm not sure if running a .desktop file works in the context of a shortcut though. If not, open the file in a text editor and use the command specified in the Exec=... line. – danzel Jan 11 at 10:56

The command needs the full path. I've tried it with a bash-script for now and ./Path/To/File/Script.sh does not work. But bash /Path/To/File/Script.sh does.

In: Running a .desktop file in the terminal i found it should be deskopen, so the command for your shortcut should be:

deskopen /home/user/tor-browser_de/start-tor-browser.desktop

I hope that helps!

  • +1, but unfortunately the command does not work(it gives the error command not found), I am trying to solve it by the link that you've attached. – Codito ergo sum Jan 11 at 12:28
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    @Coditoergosum unrelated to this post: please don't suggest edits where the only change is gparted->GParted. – guntbert Jan 11 at 22:46
  • @ guntbert thanks for comment, I'll try to improve my edits. But I don't understand whats wrong with correcting GParted? You have rejected one of my posts in which I had corrected GParted 5 times. I see edits in which only one letter is capitalizad. – Codito ergo sum Jan 12 at 3:09
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    @Coditoergosum opinions about what is a valuable edit differ of course. In my opinion case alone isn't worth the effort. I got the feeling that you were starting to search for all occurrences of gparted... – guntbert Jan 13 at 11:41

I figured it out, thanks to the link attached by @Patient32Bit . There is an answer that says:

The answer should be

xdg-open program_name.desktop

But due to a bug this no longer works.

But the answer goes to 2010, and it seems that the bug is fixed. I set the shortcut by:

xdg-open start-tor-browser.desktop

Most correct way is to edit .desktop file. Open it with text editor, and change path to tor to correct one. Then everything should work fine, including keyboard shortcut.

As I remember in tor bundle is relative path, so you can unpack it and run. Fix it.

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