How can I specify a delay for the Desktop Session restoration after login?

The reason I need that is that I use Plasma Global Application Menu and session restoration after login. And it seems that the session is being restored before the menu service is ready, resulting in restored applications' menus not being processed. Specifically, I constantly have Dolphin open with several tabs which restores after login, and every time without the menu, so that when I need the menu I end up closing Dolphin and reopening it and all the tabs manually.

While this seems like a bug, it could take years to get fixed. And a workaround delaying session restore seems logical, just like there is possibility delaying startup applications wrapping a command with sleep 10s && app &


Though a way to delay session restore hasn't been found, the issue with Plasma Global Application Menu is fixed in Plasma 5.15 so that it initializes before the session restore happens.

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