Why isn't Ubuntu able to recognize that my graphics (Kaveri Radeon R7) does not support nomodeset? Is there no chance to check this?

For me this seems to be a bug I would want to report.

I'm right, or does I miss something? What's the best way to report such a bug?

More detailed:

Installing Ubuntu 16.04 - my first linux experience - it costs me a very long time of internet-search to make my displays work correctly, needing only a little change in the grub file: from "nomodeset" to "quiet splash".

During the Upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04, I was asked if I want to replace the grub file. But I've forgotten the trouble with nomodeset and agreed (wanting for a grub file version better adapted to Ubuntu 18.04...)

This time my internet research brings me to install another driver (amdgpu) - with that driver I become the recommendation to remove the nomodeset entry from grub. The correct resolution of one display was back - but only one display was recognized. After hours, I found a driver conflict with the new installed (I cannot understand why it conflicts yet... the new installed seems to be the better option, following the lists I found...).

Finally I uninstalled the new driver (amdgpu, keeping radeon) and now is all working normally, since nomodeset keeps away from my grub.

But it is annoying that such things can happen so easily - it would be nice to avoid this for others - and for me, at the next upgrade.

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