I have some project that needs python 3.4 but since I am on Ubuntu 18.04 I have python 3.6 installed. If I try to setup the project on 3.6 I get compatibility issues. Please guide how do I install python 3.4 alongside 3.6. And is there a way to make virtualenv use python 3.4 to setup environments.


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By compile the binary:

Download the zip package of python3.4 from here

extract it and enter in the folder

  1. execute: ./configure
  2. execute: make -j 4 If you have more core insert the number of core of your cpu
  3. execute: make test -j 4 same as above, OPTIONAL but suggested!
  4. execute: sudo make install

If you find the binary package you can skip the compilation steps.

Install virtualenv:

sudo apt install virtualenv

then create a virtual environment with desired python version:

  1. virtualenv --python=python3.4 --clear --always-copy --setuptools .venv
  2. virtualenv .venv --distribute

note: .venv is the path where virtual environment is installed

Alternative to a virtual environment you can use the python executable directly from path you choose, but I recommend you to use a virtual environment, keep your system more clean.

to activate the virtual environment execute the bash script perform following steps:

  1. source .venv/bin/activate

to exit from the virtualenv

  1. exit will close the terminal and the virtualenv.

You can also configure mostly of IDE to use the python virtual env.

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