I'm trying to install software in Ubuntu 18.10 with sudo apt-get command, but it gave me the error – apt-get: command not found. I used locate apt-get and found that apt-get is located in /usr/bin, which is in the $PATH. It still gave me the error. What should I do?

$ sudo apt-get
sudo: apt-get: command not found
$ locate apt-get
$ echo $PATH
  • It's really weird that you have your "snapshot" folder in your PATH? Did you manually add it? - I'd remove that might cause really weird things like what you're experiencing. If nothing have you tried running apt-get calling with the full path? /usr/bin/apt-get – Ziazis Jan 9 at 10:02
  • I didn't add anything manually into PATH. I tried to use full path of apt, it didn't work either. – Guan Jan 9 at 10:15
  • Output of ls -l /usr/bin/apt-get ? – xiota Jan 9 at 10:16
  • Here is the result of ls -l /usr/bin/apt-get -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 134968 12月 8 2016 /usr/bin/apt-get – Guan Jan 9 at 10:25
  • By default, sudo on Ubuntu doesn't use PATH, it uses its own secure_path: what is the output of sudo /bin/grep -r secure_path /etc/sudoers{,.d} ? – steeldriver Jan 9 at 13:46

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