I know newer Ubuntu are using Netplan to manage the network and it will replace the traditional /etc/network/interfaces way of network configuration.

I have to configure some Ubuntu machines this week and I wanted to know if my old /etc/network/interfaces configuration files in these new Ubuntu machines will work. I mean: if I configure the /etc/network/interfaces file properly... will it work properly or is Ubuntu going to ignore it because it is prepared to use Netplan?


Netplan will replace the old /etc/network/interfaces, that means this file will not used anymore by default. But you can still use this file if required by installing the package ifupdown.

apt install ifupdown

This package is the service responsible to configure the network interfaces from /etc/network/interfaces.

  • Ok @olivierb2, so if I install ifupdown and configure the /etc/network/interfaces file, everything is going to work as I configure (static IP, etc.), isn't it? – Ommadawn Jan 9 at 10:25
  • 1
    Exactly, everything will work as previously !! – olivierb2 Jan 9 at 12:11

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