I am having trouble enabling my media keys on my keyboard. Running Ubuntu 18.10 an I am using a Razor Huntsman elite keyboard which has the pause/play, skip, previous, mute buttons and a dial for the volume.

  • Have you installed any drivers specific to your keyboard? There have been some issues with this keyboard: delightlylinux.wordpress.com/2018/09/23/… – Jackspace Jan 9 at 1:07
  • Welcome to Ask Ubuntu. I have found specific programs work perfectly with media keys, but others need configuration. It may be helpful if you provide the programs you are running. – guiverc Jan 9 at 1:08
  • Sadly I only became aware of the issue with compatibility with my key board and Ubuntu after I got and set up my keyboard. Also I have not yet seen anything yet referring on using a dial or knob for volume control. If there is though then I would be grateful if you or someone else could post a link or share it. – christoff do bernord Jan 9 at 1:39

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