I want to install Cassandra on Ubuntu 16.04, and I'm not sure which version to use. How to find the right Cassandra version for 16.04?


Cassandra is written in Java, so it could be used with different distributions that have correct version of Java (Java 8 - oracle or openjdk). If you're just starting, then you need to take latest released version: 3.11.3 (see this article for full instructions on setup) - add following source:

deb http://www.apache.org/dist/cassandra/debian 311x main

and then install cassandra package, plus you need to install Python 2.7 - that's standard python package.


Cassandra distributed database is a snap package in all currently supported versions of Ubuntu. The current stable version of the cassandra snap package is 3.7 and the edge version is 3.10-SNAPSHOT. To install cassandra run this command:

sudo snap install cassandra   
sudo snap connect cassandra:mount-observe  

You can check on the status of the cassandra service with:

systemctl status snap.cassandra.cassandra.service  

If you were able to successfully start Cassandra, check the status of the cluster:

cassandra.nodetool status

In the output, UN means it's Up and Normal:

Set a custom configuration:

cat cassandra.yaml | sudo /snap/bin/cassandra.config-set cassandra.yaml 


  • cassandra.config-get
  • cassandra.config-set
  • cassandra.env-get
  • cassandra.nodetool

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