I am running the newest version of Anydesk 4.1 for Ubuntu 18.04 on both client and host sides. Very often, my Anydesk stucks (freeze) on the client computer. For example, when I type something outside on my host Anydesk, the words come on the client side and not on the host sides. Another time, I moved my mouse on the host sides, but it moves on the client sides. The mouse and keyboard cannot go back to the host sides. The only way to resolve this is to press the power button on the host sides. Are there any solutions to this?

Similar questions, but do not work: Anydesk is completly locking my Ubuntu 14.04 OS? I am also not sure what he means by "locking", so I created this question.

  • I am also facing the same issue. I can confirm this happen on Ubuntu 18.04 and when you try to switch tabs on your ubuntu. – ksg91 Jan 31 at 7:04

Not a real answer, but it is better than the hard restart.

When your anydesk stuck on the remote computer, just alt + tab until the anydesk screen pop up on the remote computer, then press alt + f4 so the anydesk on the remote computer close. After the anydesk connection is close, the client computer will be unstuck. You can connect to anydesk again as usual.

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