I have hundreds of thousands of files in hundreds of directories.

An example directory structure is


For folders that have 'bar' directories, I want to move contents to following structure.


Can this be accomplished using find and mv?

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    are the foo and bar directorys always in the same depth? – pLumo Jan 8 at 14:12
  • Yes, the depth is consistent. – Umer Jan 8 at 14:18

Some little script to achieve this:

# Set the variables

# let * match hidden files
shopt -s dotglob

# Loop through find (which is declared after done)
while IFS= read -r dir; do

    # Read names of foo dir
    foo=$(printf '%s' "$dir" | cut -d'/' -f $foo_depth)

    # mkdir target and mv dir there
    mkdir -p "$target"
    mv "$dir"/* "$target"

    # as you mv the content of bar dir only,
    # you may want to remove the full path to that folder
    # rmdir -p will do that without deleting anything that is not empty,
    # we can ignore the "failed to remove" messages.
    [ $? = 0 ] && rmdir -p "${dir}"

done < <(find "$main" -type d -name "$bar_name")

# Turn off dotglob
shopt -u dotglob
  • Thanks but my apologies since I messed up a bit. The 'sub' directory is not alone there and is a mix of files and folders that I intend to move. I've edited the question. Can you please edit your script? Really appreciated. – Umer Jan 9 at 7:39
  • I made an update. – pLumo Jan 9 at 8:43

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