We use an open source point of sale system on our Ubuntu install called unicenta. Its built on java and does everything we want, but has one annoying quirk - java windows opened in the app appear on our second display.

We have two displays on said system - one for the POS, and the other which mirrors to a number of TVs around our venue showing internet live streams. Whenever a window pops up within unicenta (such as a payment screen for example) it appears on top of our livestreams.

I was hoping to use compizconfig to override the window behaviour, using a combination of the information provided in this old forum thread, the Workarounds in the compiz wiki and this askubuntu question.

Accordingly I've added the following to ccsm...

Place Windows-> Fixed Window Placement:
name=sun-awt-X11-XFramePeer / Mode: Smart
name=sun-awt-X11-XDialogPeer / Mode: Smart

Window Rules-> Size Rules:
name=sun-awt-X11-XFramePeer / 1366x768
name=sun-awt-X11-XDialogPeer / 1366x768

General Options-> Display Settings

Alas I've had no luck, these settings alone don't seem to be enough to override the placement of the java windows. Does anyone have any other compiz suggestions I could try?

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