I am trying to add Cisco IOS v to GNs3 2.1.11.

I followed this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWxiLiXbLIc , but always I got this error: enter image description here

I already installed GNS3VM with Virtualbox and it's already working and as shown :

enter image description here


For anyone will or had faced the same problem, I had found the answer and I will post it below:

Every QEMU, VirtualBox and VMware node in GNS3 runs as a virtual machine. Some node types like IOSv need hardware-assisted virtualization, for QEMU this is called KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine). As the GNS3 VM itself is a virtual machine, your system needs nested virtualization. That means it must support hardware assisted virtualization of the QEMU VM (here IOSv) within a virtual machine (the GNS3 VM).

For that you need the right hardware. Your CPU must support VT-x on Intel CPUs or AMD-V on AMD processors. Furthermore the virtualization software must support nested virtualization. Until lately VMware was the only software, that supports that. With VirtualBox v6.0 nested virtualization is supported on AMD processors.

If you happen to own a system with AMD processor, see https://youtu.be/bZKTRIF7UJg how to configure VirtualBox to support nested virtualization. If your system uses an Intel processor, you have to use VMware Workstation or Player to run the GNS3 VM. It's currently not possible to use IOSv with VirtualBox on Intel processors.

enter image description here

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