Actions performed:

  1. became root
  2. change directory
  3. apt-get install VMware*(actual file name)enter image description here

Result: 1. "Couldn't find... [enter image description here][2] ( see screenshot )

error...couldn't find...

  • Please copy paste the texts in those images! – George Udosen Jan 5 at 20:10

That VMware bundle can't be installed with apt-get. It's its own standalone installer package.

Run chmod +x on the bundle, then execute it with sudo ./VMware-Player-*.bundle

This is the only way to run the VMware installer, as it is NOT an apt compatible package, but its own installation package that runs itself on its own.


You need to give installer permission to execute and run it.

chmod +x Vmware-Player-15.0.2-10952284.x86_64.bundle

Now you would be run it.

  • That only works on Debian packages, not VMware's .bundle installers as they are not Debian packages. – Thomas Ward Jan 5 at 20:22

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