Just installed Ubuntu 18.10 two weeks a go and it's my first Linux distro. Everything's working fine and I want to start playing with the terminal.

So I want to install this still in beta ProtonMail bridge for Thunderbird and the instructions are asking me to copy this :

sudo mkdir -p /usr/share/debsig/keyrings/E2C75D68E6234B07
sudo gpg --dearmor --output /usr/share/debsig/keyrings/E2C75D68E6234B07/debsig.gpg bridge_pubkey.gpg

Problem is that I always get this response :

gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir '/home/ulfberht/.gnupg'
gpg: can't open 'bridge_pubkey.gpg': No such file or directory
gpg: dearmoring failed: No such file or directory

Other information that might help you understand my problem, I tried :

ls /usr/share/debsig/keyrings/ and it gives me "E2C75D68E6234B07" correctly

I have installed debsig

bridge_pubkey.gpg is a document I have in my documents folder

As a sign of gratitude, here's the latest links to the linux bridge :

Deb: https://protonmail.com/download/protonmail-bridge_1.1.0-1_amd64.deb
RPM: https://protonmail.com/download/protonmail-bridge-1.1.0-1.x86_64.rpm

Thanks in advance!

  • I don't think the format of your key-fetching string is right. Is there anything in /usr/share/debsig/keyrings/E2C75D68E6234B07? (ls /usr/share/debsig/keyrings/E2C75D68E6234B07 will tell us) – Thomas Ward Jan 5 at 18:34
  • Terminal doesn't do anything when I copy ls /usr/share/debsig/keyrings/E2C75D68E6234B07 – Ulfberht Jan 5 at 18:38
  • Ok, from where do you execute those commands? If it is not from the directory where bridge_pubkey.gpg is located, it will not find it like that. – Sebastian Jan 5 at 18:38
  • Ok I think you helped me find the problem. I have the document in my /home/ulfberht/Documents/ProtonMail/bridge_pubkey.gpg. I will try to use this instead – Ulfberht Jan 5 at 18:42
  • Tried : sudo gpg --dearmor --output /usr/share/debsig/keyrings/E2C75D68E6234B07/debsig.gpg /home/ulfberht/Documents/ProtonMail/bridge_pubkey.gpg gpg: WARNING: unsafe ownership on homedir '/home/ulfberht/.gnupg' File '/usr/share/debsig/keyrings/E2C75D68E6234B07/debsig.gpg' exists. Overwrite? (y/N) – Ulfberht Jan 5 at 18:47

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