I just bought a new laptop Asus laptop with Nvidia 940mx gpu and installed the latest ubuntu 18.10 and the latest drivers.

But the video playback on Youtube and any video player is very stuttering, and it is almost impossible to play a 60fps video on youtube.

I tried reinstalling nvidia driver, and turning performance mode on nividia settings but no improvement.

What steps should I take to solve it?

If I do glxinfo | grep renderer in cmd I get OpenGL renderer string: GeForce 940MX/PCIe/SSE2 in return.

Edit: So apparently this is a problem with the Nvidia GPU as selecting intel HD graphics as default makes the stuttering go away.

So whats going on with the GPU?

  • Can you append your question with the output of glxinfo | grep renderer? You may need to sudo apt install glxinfo first. – Charles Green Jan 4 at 19:16

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