I put a small web project on local apache from /var/www/html. It's working from browser and I can see all folders and subfolders from terminal.

But editors (like Atom or Visual Studio Code) can't see www folder from /var.

I changed (from terminal) recursive permissions in 777. But it didn't help.

What else can I do? Can you please help me?

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    "I changed (from terminal) recursive permissions in 777" why? you REALLY need to revert that change. The most I would accept would be for dirs 755 and files 644. If a DIR is not visible is has nothing to do with permissions, Those are always shown and give a "permission denied" if someone is not allowed to go into it. – Rinzwind Jan 4 at 12:12
  • I changed permissions in 777 to see if that's the reason I can't see the folder from editor. And I also changed the owner in my user. But didn't help. – Valentin Tanasescu Jan 4 at 12:19
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    chmod 777 is -never- a solution. – Rinzwind Jan 4 at 13:33
  • I understand @Rinzwind. Do you have any idea which is the solution? – Valentin Tanasescu Jan 4 at 13:42
  • grasping at straws: maybe atom and studio show you a project and not the directory? – Rinzwind Jan 4 at 14:25

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