I am trying to install spin, spin is a popular open-source software verification tool, used by thousands of people worldwide. The tool can be used for the formal verification of multi-threaded software applications.

Spin website

The problem is that i follow every step in the guide and when i try to run a spin program ubuntu pops a message that says i have to install "staden" in order to run pml files, but staden is another kind of program irrelevant to what i am trying to install, i have attached a screenshot of the terminal if it helps. Screenshot of the installation process

I have tried contacting their forum but it is closed and still waiting for an invite.

Thank you in advance


I don't know where you got your instructions from but I believe you are misunderstanding the process unless I am too. From that site, I downloaded the .gz file and uncompress it the instructions are:

  1. Uncompress with gunzip -d spin649_linux64.gz
  2. Rename the file to spin mv spin649_linux64 spin and make executable with sudo chmod +x spin
  3. Place that file in the any of the following locations:

    /usr/local/bin, /usr/bin, /bin, 

    or any other directory within your search path.

  4. Run that file with just the command spin after closing and reopening your terminal

Update: Nowe looking around I see where you got the instructions from but you missed the part where you ought to put the built binary in your system paths.

Use these steps:

  1. gunzip *.tar.gz
  2. tar -xf *.tar
  3. cd Src*
  4. make

If step 4 gives the error make: yacc: Command not found, then install bison with sudo apt install bison and run the make command again. Now you will see a spin file in that folder move that into any of the following paths: /usr/local/bin, /usr/bin, /bin. Close and open your teminal now you should be able to run the spin command.


If you ran that command like this

 ../Src6.4.9/spin hello.pml

as the spin binary is in another folder you won't get that error. But move that spin binary in the Src* folder into your file path to launch spin from anywhere.

  • The checkinstall make install would be better. – N0rbert Jan 4 at 10:40
  • Yes your right! – George Udosen Jan 4 at 10:40
  • Thank you so much, you are a life saver, worked like a charm, as you can tell i am new to linux and i am having trouble understanding how some things work. Thank you again! – Aenarion Jan 4 at 12:19
  • @Aenarion please see: How to accept an answer – George Udosen Jan 4 at 12:57

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