I downloaded a tar.gz file from Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search. I extracted it in the terminal, but when I type

cd filename

The terminal says

no such file or directory
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    Possible duplicate of Cannot Access Anything – karel Jan 3 at 19:31
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    Not a dupe of that - most likely OP is just in the wrong directory. Target describes a very unusual situation. The real question is how to install the software, which was answered – Zanna Jan 7 at 17:21

Installation from tarball depends on the what is inside that tarball. Moreover cd (or change director), as the name suggests, can only be used with directories or folder names instead of file name. If you are using folder name and still getting an error, then you need to check existence of the directory or permissions.

On Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search's download page point 4 says,

Start the program!
Linux and FreeBSD users should run the program from the command line with a -m switch, i.e.

./mprime -m

I expect that you've extracted the tar into a folder, let's say GIMPS and that's on Desktop.
So, you need to run:

cd ~/Desktop/GIMPS
./mprime -m 

When I click on the tarball to download it, it downloads a file called p95v294b8.linux64.tar.gz. When I right-click it and select 'Extract Here`, a directory is extracted called p95v294b8.linux64.

To run the software, do:

cd ~/Downloads/p95v294b8.linux64
./mprime -m

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