Number Start End Size Type File system Flags

1 1049kB 370GB 370GB primary ext4 boot

3 370GB 496GB 126GB primary ntfs

2 496GB 500GB 4198MB extended

5 496GB 500GB 4198MB logical linux-swap(v1)

Okay so basically I have my ubuntu on Legacy boot secure mode off: and I have created another partition of 126GB(ntfs) for my dual boot windows, However when I started to boot windows, I had an error message: Your partition table is MBR. The disk is in EFI system, and you need to convert it to GPT from MBR. I think it's maybe I have installed ubuntu on Legacy and I am installing windows on UEFI maybe? Now in order to convert MBR to GPT I need to erase all data and I would want to avoid that, So can I run both ubuntu and Windows on legacy GPT ?


It's windows that requires Legacy on an MBR disc or UEFI on a GPT disc. Ubuntu doesn't care as long as you have the right partition types. An EFI partition for a UEFI boot or a bio-grub for a legacy boot on a gpt disk.

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