I am trying to install and run Zimbalaka (a Zim file creator for Offline MediaWiki in an app like Kiwix) in an Ubuntu Desktop 18.10. At a certain point, instructions tell to modify a line to contain the full path to the zimbalaka directory.

However, the path I have to type is not clear to me, so here are my questions:

  • I have to edit file zimbalaka.wsgi and modify the line containing path = '/full/path/to/zimbalaka/'. Knowing that for the moment the cloned Zimbalaka folder resides in /home/[user]/Downloads/, what is the path supposed to be in my case: /home/[user]/Downloads/Zimbalaka/zimbalaka or /home/[user]/Downloads/Zimbalaka or yet somewhere else (e.g., /var/www/html/zimbalaka)?

Find here below the instructions I made myself based on the instructions found here (some comments are added by me). It is the last line that lead to my question:

    nano zimbalaka.wsgi
    Modify line: path = '/full/path/to/zimbalaka/' to path = '/home/[user]/Downloads/Zimbalaka/zimbalaka/'

(This question follows my previous question found here and which seems to have been answered.)

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