) I'm currently running xubuntu 16.04 on a mid-2011 macbook air without OSX. I received a new SSD and would like to attempt a dual-boot with windows 7 and xubuntu 18.04 on it (did that successfully on a Dell laptop). Given that it's an empty SSD, should I be aware of anything before starting? Or can I proceed in the same way: installing windows and then xubuntu alongside it? Thanks!

  • Mac is EFI or pre UEFI or UEFI v1 after renaming. Probably better to install both Windows and Ubuntu in UEFI boot mode, but Windows 7 either needs the latest DVD or modifications to move boot files for UEFI boot. Many with Mac use rEFInd. rodsbooks.com/refind – oldfred Jan 2 at 17:17

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