I have a stereo device on which I can play a casette tape (the old magnetic storage devices before CD's). I want to capure the audio from the stereo (from the headphone jack; the only possibility) and record it digitally with a Ubuntu computer (with just a headphone output and USB connections).

How to do that?

I guess I need some external USB device to capture the audio and to be able to record it on the Ubuntu device. But what is the name of such a device?

Or is there another possibility?

  • Plug your tape deck earphone jack into your computer microphone jack, using the correct size connector, 2.5mm or 3.5mm, (may need an adapter for USB). Record with Audacity. – C.S.Cameron Jan 3 at 7:02

You probably want a USB Audio Interface. Not all of them work equally well on Linux though, it may be worth checking here if there is driver support:


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