Every several seconds, my audio randomly mutes and it causes a hick-up type effect when listing to videos or other music. If I watch the sound icon at the top right, I can see the sound mute and then go back to the original level. It sounds as if someone is unplugging and re-plugging the speakers into the jack rapidly.

I have dual booted into windows 10 and do not notice the same issue, so I have assumed until this point it is not a hardware issue.

I'm using an AMD Rizen 3 cpu and a Nivida 1050 gpu on this machine. I installed the proprietary nvidia driver from ppa.launchpad.net to see if switching from Nouveau would fix this issue. So far, switching drivers has not had any effect.

I noticed in previous Ubunut versions, people seemed to complain about this or a similar issue with Pulse Audio; however, I haven't found a helpful resource for 18.04.

Is there a way to fix this issue or a step I could check next to troubleshoot this problem?

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