I'm trying to copy CD tracks to my computer to put on my Android cellphone in lubuntu 18.10 i386 using default software. I couldn't figure out VLC (which wasn't properly playing the CD) so I opened K3b (first time using this, too).

I go into settings and it says "Unable to load KCDDB configuration module" in the CDDB tab. I searched Muon Package Manager for 'KCDDB' but there were no results. Searching 'K3b' shows everything installed except extra themes. How do I proceed?

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I solved this problem with instruction from #ubuntu's ioria: Install the kde-config-cddb package.

  1. Close K3b.
  2. Click Start > System Tools > Muon Package Manager.
  3. Search for kde-config-cddb.
  4. Install the kde-config-cddb package.
  5. Try a second time if there is an error the first time with no details provided. (See screenshot below.)
  6. Open K3b and go check in Settings if it's working now.

nondescriptive error trying to install the first time

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    Kubuntu 18.04, same issue. This solution worked for me. In short: sudo apt install kde-config-cddb
    – kFly
    May 19, 2019 at 12:53

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