I installed fresh Xubuntu using this link because I needed my disc encrypted. After installation, when I tried to run gparted, I had errors which I partly fixed by reinstalling some libraries. Now when I type sudo gparted, the following shows up in terminal:

Unit -.mount does not exist, proceeding anyway.
libparted : 3.2

gparted starts after this. I never had this problem before this install, I used exact same system. Even though gparted works, I'm not happy having this error in terminal. Does someone know how to fix it?


Searching online for that error, it appears to be experienced by many, and is a known bug. I also had had the same issue with the libraries, and I followed the very same ManualFullSystemEncryption guide a few days ago.

More on all of this here 18.04: 'Command 'gparted' not found... gparted is already the newest version'

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