I have a bluetooth headset (sony-mdr-zx770bn) that works fine in my web browser, as well as in music and video players. But in seemingly every game I try playing the sound comes out of my laptop speakers. In pulse audio, pictured here, I can see my headset as an entry in the drop-down menu that appears when i want to change my output for specific applications (in this case terraria). If I click it to change to my headset the drop-down menus disappears but the output is still my built-in audio device. I can change the output without a problem for my web browser and media playing applications.

I'm fairly new to linux and I thought i was getting the hang of it but this is stumping me. I've looked around other forum posts but no solution seems to work.

quick update, i just found out it works fine in VVVVVV, so i think it has less to do with games or steam and more with just specific software not accepting that as an output. That being said all the software that's rejected it has been games so far. I have limited internet here so i can't test the issue on every game in my library.

  • Not sure as my mdr-zx770bt work fine in games – Jeremy31 Dec 30 '18 at 17:32

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