I recently upgraded to 18.04 from 16.04. My machine has NVIDIA Graphics cards Quadro 410 When i tried to change graphics driver using the GUI mode under Software and updates. The default X.Org X server keeps on getting selected and I do not get any error.

I see two additional Drivers listed besides the one selected by default

  1. nvidia-driver-390

  2. nvidia-driver-340

  3. X org driver
  • Possible duplicate of this – cloud.009 Dec 28 '18 at 10:58
  • What are the results of running ubuntu-drivers devices ? iinm the results of ubuntu-drivers devices recommend installing nvidia-driver-390 with sudo apt install nvidia-driver-390 && sudo reboot This is basically the same as what singrium's answer says. – karel Dec 28 '18 at 11:04

Try to remove the installed drivers by running:

sudo apt-get purge nvidia*  
sudo apt remove nvidia-*  
sudo apt autoremove  

Check what is the recommended driver for your Nvidia card by running:

ubuntu-drivers devices

If you want to install the driver automatically, run :

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

If you want to install a specific driver, run:

sudo apt install nvidia-<driver number>

Once the installation is finished, run prime-select query to check which graphic card is being used by your device.
If you want to change the graphic card used by your PC, run : sudo prime-select <intel/ nvidia>; choose between Nvidia and Intel graphic cards.
After that, restart your PC to apply changes


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