My dad's computer had a SSD failure. Frequent backups from his home folder are made with Deja-Dup to an external hard drive which were always successful.

I bought a new SSD and after installing I wanted to restore the backup from the external hard disk to his new SSD.

I was very surprised to get the message that Deja-Dup couldn't find a single backup on the external hard drive. Hence, I checked the hard drive and found countless duplicity difftar files on the external hard drive. Hence, the backups were made, they are present, but for some reason Deja-Dup can't find them.

Since the old SSD is still functional I tried to copy his home folder to the new SSD but that did not work as well since so many faults on the SSD are being reported that the action never ends.

Now I am stuck with many backup files, but not able to restore them to the new SSD. Is there anybody out there who can help?

By the way, should this work? And if so, should the "--file-to-restore" be a difftar file?

duplicity restore --file-to-restore / file:///path/to/backups /path/to/dir
  • Not in a position to post much but the official gnome page on deja dup used to have a 'when it fails' section. – Organic Marble Dec 28 '18 at 12:11

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