I followed the complete process in the Ubuntu Handbook Methood to enable hibernate on Ubuntu 18.04. Then installed s2disk sudo apt install uswsusp. Currently, the command sudo pm-hibernate works perfectly including resumption. However, when done using the Power button, hibernation process fails to resume. Also, the Hibernate Status Button is not working.

I noticed that the command sudo pm-hibernate works. However, the command sudo systemctl hibernate doesn't. Looking at the messages on the screen after pressing Power Button, it seems that pm-hibernate is not initiated. Instead instructions corresponding to sudo systemctl hibernate are getting executed, which fails during resume.

I am looking for a method to get sudo systemctl hibernate working or instructions to switch to pm-hibernate on pressing Power button.

Note: this issue is exactly the same as an Old Ubuntu Issue which is unanswered. I am adding this as a new question so I can respond to further-info requests.


I party solved the question using config on the ARK wiki and its debian version here. Now, systemd uses s2disk (pm-hibernate uses s2disk) to hibernate. Thus,sudo systemctl hibernate works and so does hibernate on Power button press. However, why aren't the native systemd hibernate commands working?


Found part of the answer.

Use the config on the ARK wiki and its debian version here. Then, systemd would start using s2disk (pm-hibernate uses s2disk) to hibernate. This will getsudo systemctl hibernate working, and dependent features like hibernate on Power button press will automatically work. However, why the native systemd hibernate commands aren't working, is something still unknown.

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