I had a working install of Kubuntu 18.04 and tried to install Lubuntu 18.10 on another partition (something I've done successfully before, when transitioning from Ubuntu to Kubuntu about a year ago). In the Lubuntu LiveUSB installer, I chose the option to replace an existing partition. the install failed with the following error message:


Boost.python error in job "bootloader"

Command 'grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=ubuntu --forcd' returned non-zero exit status 1

Installing for x86_64-efi platform. Could not delete variable: interrupted system call. Grub-install:error:efibootmgr failed to register the boot entry: block device required.

I launched boot-repair. After making me manually reinstall grub2, it failed with its own error message. (report is at paste.ubuntu.com/p/thSvKrcPZB) I tried with several install configuration. I also tried with Ubuntu 18.04. In the end I tried a brand new install by creating a whole new GPT table. I still got the same error message (I tried with or without creating a FAT32 boot partition mounted at /boot/efi).

What could possibly be the problem ?

Another thing to note: my EFI "bios" is set to Secure Boot = disabled and Legacy mode = disabled. Actually I can't set Legacy mode to "enabled" and make it stick: if I do it and reboot, the Legacy mode setting will revert back to "disabled".


  • I tried a bios update following the procedure described on the HP website. It failed after a couple of write/verify cycles. The logfile ends with the very ominous "Failed RetryBlocks Call Status (Device Error)".

  • I can manually boot into the newly installed Lubuntu 18.10 by pressing F9 at startup and then choosing to boot from EFI file: /EFI/ubuntu/shimx64.efi (this is not the only file that I can boot from though)

  • the EFI boot order is set to the following (which I can change, but the changes won't be saved at next reboot): USB / OS boot manager / Internal CD/DVD / USB CD/DVD / Network adapter

  • even when I choose the option to "load factory settings" in the EFI bios, no change will actually be saved at the next reboot

  • the F9 "manual boot" menu has the other following options, which all lead to the computer saying "The selected boot device failed" and freezing: "ubuntu"/"internal HD"/"CD/DVD". As I said before, only "boot from EFI file" allows me to boot.

  • here's the very latest boot-repair report: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qPkDdvNdbQ/ (again it ended with a failure) (do not mind the entries concerning the /dev/sdb disk, it's an external hard drive)

  • My computer is a HP Pavilion 14-n249nf, bought in 2014.

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