For some reason, I can't make a ".theme" or ".icon" file in the Ubuntu file browser to change my theme, or for some reason they are not shown. When I try to make another one it always tells me that there is already a file called ".icon" or ".theme" but if I search for them in the search bar they are not shown. My Linux version is Ubuntu 18.04 and I am running it on a Lenovo t420s with a i5 2400.. something.
Please Help.

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    ctrl + h to see hidden files and folders... files and folders that start with . in ubuntu are hidden – PRATAP Dec 24 '18 at 13:36
  • Also, are you trying to create a folder or file since you've mentioned file in question body? – Kulfy Dec 24 '18 at 13:54

The files and folders with a .(dot) before their names are hidden by default to see them you can:

  1. Run Ctrl+h, or
  2. Change the settings in nautilus to see them always.:

    enter image description here

You then run cd ~/.icon to change into that location and add what ever files you want to.


By default, hidden files are not shown.
To enable this option, open the file manager, and click on the 3 horizontal bars then check the option 'show hidden files'.

enter image description here

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