if this has been asked before I apologize.

Usually the advice for setting file permission in wordpress are folder 750 and file 640 with user and group www-data. Based on my understanding if user and group is the same then if somehow outsider can access using www-data he still can read or write,right?

so what's the point on setting up users and group as www-data ? Is there security reason for this ? I think if file / folder is set as user other than www-data then the owner permission can be useful.

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    It's the typical dilemma with how web servers usually work: If you want convenience (config/updates/uploads over web) it usually needs to be able to write somewhere. – Sebastian Stark Dec 23 '18 at 14:29

It's for flexibility. You could add other users to the www-data group and those users could do whatever is permitted by the group flags (which need not necessarily be the same as the user flags).

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