I am completely new to Linux. Now I want to install Kubuntu on my old Acer Aspire-Netbook to practice a little bit for my internship.

I created a bootable USB-Memory-Stick, changed its priority to the highest in the boot-section of the bios (no uefi - old blue white interface).

Windows 7 Starter is installed on that netbook, when I try to boot from USB Windows Boot Manager jumps in and says: Windows failed to start.

I read about a secure boot but I do not have this option in BIOS (its only available on uefi-bios?)

Is there a way for me to install Kubuntu anyways on this netbook?


Problem solved: The "Linux Live USB Creator" was not copying all needed Files to the USB-stick, so I created a new bootable device with "Rufus" and now the installation is nearly complete.

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