This is confusing me a lot, I followed suggestions from a lot of answers here and for some reason it is still not working at all. Please bear with me as I explain what is happening.

I have a folder located at /home/admin/shared, I want to give a group called developers access (read and write) to this specific folder.

I have created the group and set it as the owner of the folder with this:

sudo chgrp -R developers /home/admin/shared

I then run ls -l /home/admin to check who owns the folder:

drwxrwxrwx  7 admin developers 4096 Dec 20 19:10  shared

I even check what groups my user is part of with

groups {username}

And it's right.

However both from SSH and FTP Client (Filezilla), every time I try to move to /home/admin/shared, I receive a permission denied error.

I've tried to use chmod too, but with the same results.

How do I fix this?


Kept trying without any luck.

I ended up creating a third folder /home/shared and then making the developers group owner of that and it started working fine.

I'd still like to know if there's a fix to my original question though.

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