I am dual booting Ubuntu 18.10 and Windows 10. I have 5.1 speakers connected to rear jack of my Intel Hades Canyon (NUC8I7HVK) with TOSLINK to JACK cable. Everything works under Windows, but I am not able to hear any sound from speakers using Ubuntu.

If I connect headphones new option in settings -> sound appears: Headphones - Built-in Audio, Profile: Analog Stereo Output and it works. There is also available option: HDMI/DisplayPort 6-HD-Audio Generic, but I guess this is my monitor connected to DP.

I have tried to use Fedora 29 before - same, no sound. Here is thread from ask.fedoraproject - couldn't find solution there, but it may provide additional information. I have posted some results of different commands. No idea if they will be useful, so I don't copy them here.

I will really appreciate any kind of help. I love to work with music playing in background, but I have no idea how to fix it. I have found some patches in web, but I don't know if they help and are included in my Ubuntu installation or I have to add them somehow manually. Here are links:

I am also posting image from my alsamixer.

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