I am aware of the similar sounding question: Ubuntu 18.04 gnome-shell high CPU usage

However my issue is a bit different, since it is not related to the mouse/ clock/animations because I deactivated all of those features and did not move the mouse and still could observe my issue: If I disable gnome-extensions completely via gnome-tweak-tools the following happens with my idle CPU usage of gnome-shell:

  • Alt+F2+R: 10%
  • Reboot: 0%-2%

Why is there a difference between a reboot and gnome-shell replace?

If I don't disable gnome-extension as such but deactivate every extension the following happens with the idle CPU usage of gnome-shell:

  • Alt+F2+R: 10%
  • Reboot: 10%

Why is there a such a big difference between disabling all extensions and the extension functionality itself?

The CPU usage of gnome-shell is taken when everything was idle (no mouse movement/ no seconds in clock/ no animation)

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    Possible duplicate of Ubuntu 18.04 gnome-shell high CPU usage – Pablo Bianchi Jan 14 at 19:02
  • @PabloBianchi as I stated in the first sentence of the post I am aware of the referred question. However my problem does not match any of the answers and is different in detail – v.tralala Jan 15 at 16:54
  • In both cases is not clear the source of the CPU usage by gnome-shell process. FMPV they are the same question. If current answers do not satisfy your case is not enough reason to create another question. BTW you are asking several questions which is not a good practice. – Pablo Bianchi Jan 15 at 21:35

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