I'm using an Nvidia GTX 670 with the nvidia proprietary driver 690.

At 30hz All of the fonts look great, in fact everything looks great. However when I turn the refresh rate up to 60hz many of the fonts become blurry and blotchy. I tried using gnome-tweak-tool to adjust the anti-aliasing but no matter what I do the fonts are blurry.

Just a quick note, Im using a 43" Vizio 4K tv and I have the resolution set at 4096x2160. Also, using the same tv as a monitor for my 2105 macbook retina with the same resolution/refresh rate everything looks fine, so I doubt it's the tv.


GTX 670 surely does not support HDMI 2.0, so it cannot do 4k 60Hz 8-bit RGB.

It is possible that the driver tries to do YUV compression to allow 4k 60Hz over HDMI 1.4, which cause the blurry.

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  • thats a great point! I totally spaced it that for the mac I used a thunderbolt to active HDMI converter which was the only way to make it work. – user1789778 Dec 20 '18 at 15:55

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