I was setting up a media server in ubuntu server running inside a vm. I installed docker in it and set up everything from sonarr, radarr, torrent client,plex, etc and after installing everything i realized that plex,sonarr,radarr,etc cant even see my shared folder which is present in my vm as /media/sf_Media but can be easily accessed via console (ls and cd works). so what steps must i take so that plex, sonarr, radarr can see my folder as well as all folders within it?

sorry i am new to linux and have been using it only for the last 5 months so please bear with me. Also sorry for my english as its not my primary language

P.S. my host is windows 7 ultimate( if that's important)

EDIT: I used sudo chmod -R 775 /media and it showed the directories in /media including sf_Media in plex but once I click sf_Media folder in plex it shows up to be empty. I tried sudo chmod -R 775 /media/sf_Media too but that didnt work out.

SO It seems my own user have access to /media/sf_Media/ and its sub directories ( because i can use ls /media/sf_Media to show the contents) but the docker containers doesn't. Now that's the problem.

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