My laptop is Acer Predator Helios 500 PH517-51

  • Dual boot Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04
  • Laptop headphones jack always detected as plugged in.
  • No sound in headphones.
  • pavucontrol , alsamixer , hdajackretask can't solve problems.
  • HDMI and Display port have no sound too.
  • In Windows 10 everything work fine.

I have this problem after run out of battery during updating Windows 10. I did plug in and boot my laptop again found it continue updating. After update finished it can't boot to Windows & Ubuntu so I found BIOS reset itself to default setting. I config it agian (SATA mode, Secure boot) then found these problem.

pavucontrol image


I had the same problem and here is how to solve it (I hope :p) : Edit the config file of tlp at /etc/default/tlp (I hope it's the same for ubuntu) and check the following values :

SOUND_POWER_SAVE_ON_AC = 1 [this might be zero by default]
RUNTIME_PM_ON_AC = auto [this one is disabled by default]

This solution was discovered by Toolfox, go to see the original thread here

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