I have been trying to set some keyboard shortcuts for the seldom used numpad keys, while retaining the normal numpad functionality when NumLock is enabled.

I set the shortcuts as I would any other: Settings>Devices>Keyboard where i am presented with a list of keyboard shortcuts. I am able to add a new shortcut and set the desired command. With numlock enabled, the Set Shortcut... function allows me to assign a shortcut to one of the numbers on the numpad, the Shortcut space in set custom shortcuts will display the number pressed. This shortcut functions as expected with Numlock enabled, but also still performs the shortcut command when numlock is disabled.

Furthermore I was previously experiencing the same problem when setting commands with numlock disabled (The shortcut would be called regardless of whether numlock was enabled or disabled), but now that I have set these shortcuts, when trying to overwrite the shortcut functionality, by deleting the existing shortcut and creating a new one with the same key (again NumLock off), the Set Shortcut window that records keystrokes now no longer recognises the keystroke at all, and the prompt to enter a keystroke remains onscreen.

  • Is there a solution via the settings gui to get these keys recognised again?

  • Is there a way to assign shortcuts to numpad keys that are NumLock sensitive?

  • Is there a more direct way to edit shortcuts? i.e. find the file where they are stored and edit it?

  • i tried to see if it works when we remap the keys.. i have remapped KP_1 to backslash when i was asked to press the shortcut i pressed KP_1 physical button. shortcut key shown as assigned = backslash. so i understood that when we are asked to press the shortcut.. system is recognizing the physical key only not its state or the key value. – PRATAP Dec 18 '18 at 21:28

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