Im installing SquirrelMail in Ubuntu Server 18.04. I got it from here:

wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/squirrelmail/files/stable/1.4.22/squirrelmail-webmail-1.4.22.zip

Then I unzipped using unzip squirrelmail-webmail-1.4.22.zip, then when I try to move it inside the web server with mv squirrelmail-webmail-1.4.22 /var/www/html/ it says

 mv: cannot move 'squirrelmail-webmail-1.4.22' to '/var/www/html/': No such file or directory
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    Verify what has been unzipped via ls in the directory where you did unzip. The unzipped files don't necessarily have to have same name as the zip archive. – Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy Dec 18 '18 at 5:14
  • Please edit your post to include the output of the command ls for the relevant folders to prove your statements “it exists”. Don’t forget to apply code formatting for the pasted terminal text. – Melebius Dec 18 '18 at 7:36
  • The current version of squirrelmail which you want to install is from 2011. I would not recommend using a program that old if connected to the internet. Better use something similar, e.g. roundcube. See list of Vulnerabilities. – pLumo Dec 18 '18 at 13:51

Check that the /var/www/html/ directory exists. /var/www/html/ is standard directory to use for a web server like apache or nginx.

Use sudo to avoid permissions issues.

sudo mv -v squirrelmail-webmail-1.4.22 /var/www/html/

If your user is root then there is no issue, but if user is not root then you face this kind of error.

mv: cannot move 'squirrelmail-webmail-1.4.22.zip' to '/var/www/html/squirrelmail-webmail-1.4.22.zip': Permission denied

If /var/www/html/ does not exist, you can create that directory manually.

Furthermore installation:

cd /var/www/html/
sudo unzip squirrelmail-webmail-1.4.22.zip
sudo cat squirrelmail-webmail-1.4.22/doc/INSTALL 

Follow this documentation for the installation. I have done the installation according to this, and it is working on my Ubuntu 18.04.


Sorry guys, the directory was not there because I didn't install the Apache server, after I did it, the directory was there, it was a rookie mistake, for I'm rookie, sorry for wasting everyone's time.

  • Well, congrats on resolving the issue, which turned out to be fairly simple, which is always a good thing – Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy Dec 19 '18 at 7:30

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