I have Xubuntu 18.04 and I can't make pen drives mount when I click on them in the file manager. I get a Failed to mount "PEN DRIVE LABEL". Not authorized to perform operation. pop up error.

This is a fresh install. I believe that this issue is related to my LDAP authentication which I use for years, since Ubuntu 14.02 or even before. I have been using all releases (non-LTS also) of Ubuntu or Xubuntu and never had any problems with pen drive mounting. With 18.04 I can't make it work. I already know that without my LDAP configuration mounting pendrives via File Manager works fine. I also know that mounting the same pen dirves in the command line as root works fine.

I believe that my issue is related to some new (from 18.04 perspective) policykit incantantion that is not compatible with my LDAP login settings.

My question is: how to I troubleshoot the pen drive mounting process started in the File Manager so I can figure what I need to change (in my LDAP login configuration or somewhere else)?

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